Bullyfambam Doggy Social school : How to be a pet social influencer 101


Looking to be a social media star and beggin for some social treats! My name is Loli and I’m Bullyfambams Pupmamager. Here are some #Protips to get your dog the best Instagram Life.

  1. Create Quality Content on differentiation of platforms: Instagram; produce high quality images/videos that are engaging and captivating. Facebook: Great for blogs, videos, memes and articles.
  2. Develop a Voice + Tone: Funny dog voice? Serious ruff doggy voice?
  3. Focus On Instagram Stories: Create #behindthescenes instagram stories. Ex: showcase how you get your doggy gets ready for his/her Insta worthy pics. Bath time? Sneak peak. Lunch time? Sneak Peak. Sunbathing time? Sneak peek it!
  4. Ads: Have the Budget? Highly Recommend to Implement an Ads Strategy. Start with a small budget. Best Ad campaign: Brand Awareness and Traffic.
  5. Engage with followers and non-followers: Engage + be social! Comment and like other accounts. Leaving comments is better than just a like (it gets lost within all likes and Instagram wont show who likes anymore).
  6. Hashtags: Use your 30 hashtags! Each post make sure to leave 5 bullet points and 30 alternating hashtags on EVERY single post. In comment ALWAYS have three branded hashtags. Ex; #bullyfambam, #miami (branding where we are from), #englishbulldogs.
  7. Content Mix: Help your FB + Instagram Algorithm by doing Carousels, videos + IGTV Posts. Alternate types of feed content.
  8. Content creation Tools: Take advantage of Free or cheap Apps (stay tuned for next post on the best apps to use)! #Proapp: Snapseed to edit images.
  9. Be on trend: ex; events such as Superbowl and national holidays such as Valentines Day (Check out our Valentine’s Giveaway :).
  10. Follow @bullyfambam 😉