Harking and Barking


I’ve come to the point in my life where I follow more meme accounts on social media than actual people. During one of my recent scrolls through my meme laden scrolls, I saw a post about how dogs never grow tired of barking. I couldn’t help but laugh at it, but then I found myself laughing at the irony. People have more awareness for how much their dogs speak than they do for themselves. We are constantly talking– if it’s not out loud, than it’s digitally. Yet, the fact that dogs can bark continuously is shocking enough to become meme worthy.

Genuinely confused about the frequency of dogs barking, many people have taken their questions to the internet. One flustered person took to Reddit says: “There is a dog outside just barking, barking, barking! There was another one the other day that barked no joke an hour straight, longer than that I’m sure. How do they not get tired. I mean they bark once or twice a second, every second for sooo long! Why are they doing it?”

It’s true dogs can bark for hours, to which most dog owners can (maybe unfortunately) attest. Dogs do not get tired of barking, and there are a myriad of reasons contributing to why they do bark and for how long but essentially they all boil down to your dogs wanting to express themselves. For example, you may notice your dogs barking at other dogs on walks, when they meet people, when they’re hungry, when they have to go outside, etc. Like the Reddit user above you may even assume that your dogs are barking for no (apparent) reasons. In fact, the three of the most reported/understood reasons why dogs bark includes stress, separation anxiety, and boredom. If your dogs are barking due to stress we recommend you checking out any of the soothing products in the Bullyfambam store. A personal favorite is the Anti-anxiety Calming bed. However, if your dogs are barking for what seems to be no reason, it could be boredom. The best solution is to make sure you’re giving the doggos enough attention. This could look like intermittent play times for five minutes throughout the day, or even getting a doggie-sitter for when you can’t be with your dogs. Here are a couple other related articles that may help you understand and calm your dogs’ barking: CBD Oil for Dogs, and Separation Anxiety.

The truth is dogs are not that different from us, especially when it comes to how we communicate. Dogs, like people, have a lot to say and, as a result require attention. Though the way dogs and people experience emotions may vary somewhat, we’re similar in that we are social creatures. For people, this may mean maintaining regular social media engagements. Unfortunately, most dogs I know aren’t at that level yet. So, instead they bark.

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