About us


Bullyfambam was created for dog lovers to enjoy the doggy #Miami life with us. Pupmamager Loly has always had a love for English bulldogs and created this blog and our Instagram to share our stories @bullyfambam.

Meet all of who will always be part of the #Bullyfambam team.

Daisy and Gatsby: Yes, like the movie lovers. Woof Woof! Meet Daisy and Gatsby! The love birds were together for 6 years. Gatsby has been part of Bullyfambam since he was 8 weeks old. While Daisy was adopted into Bullyfambam when she was about three. Daisy was a proud Cubanita from Calle Ocho. Gatsby and her sometimes got into arguments due to their different upbringings. Gatsby was raised by his amazing mother, Loly who buys him a new toy every month (only when he behaves and doesn’t hump the house pillows). Gatsby misses Daisy a lot but he is positive he will find love one day again.


R.IP Princess! She is the big momma of Bullyfambam……. she was a healthy ten-year-old Bully (2017). She is like any old grandma that wants to be grumpy and ruff with anyone who comes her way. She doesn’t like to share……anything and thinks she’s Gatsby’s adopted mother.

R.I.P Cal. Cal was the worlds best bulldog model. He started Bullyfambam with our mom and was even featured on @homecooking for his Easter photo. He would do anything for treats. In all his modeling sessions he would need a minimum of an organic treat with a fresh piece of natural ham. We miss him every day but keep him close to our bullyfambam hearts.