How My Dog and I First Met: Samantha Martin


One of the greatest moments that dog owners have with their dogs is the first moment that they meet each other. Usually there are instant sparks we dog lovers have when we hold our pets for the first time. We can wait to bring our new pets home and make arrangements to make them feel comfortable.

In the How My Dog and I First Met series, I write about the first encounters people have with their dogs. My friend, Samantha Martin, recently got a new dog, so asked I her about her first moment meeting her dog, Spirit:

I met my dog Spirit, a Belgian Malinois Mix, at the Peggy Adams Animal Shelter in West Palm Beach, Florida during the summer. I always loved animals and felt that it was a great place to connect with dogs that need a loving home.

I have been stressed out lately and I thought having a dog will help me through tough times. There were many dogs at the shelter that I thought was adorable. Playing with dogs has always helped me when I was down but I knew I found the special one when I saw Spirit. It was an instant attraction and I feel in love with her.

Spirit has changed my life for the better. She makes me so happy. Her presence comforts me all the time.

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