10 Ways Puppies Make Life Better!


Puppies are amazing creatures that can turn any frown into a smile. Here are the top 10 things that puppies do that make our days better:

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1. They are always happy to see you

Puppies are always full of excitement when they see people. I remember when my cousin’s dog had six puppies, they would run up to my legs and jump on their small paws to get my attention. I tried my best to give all of the puppies an equal amount of attention.

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2. They try their best to be self-efficient

Puppies are very curious. They love to figure out new things to do by themselves like how to walk through doggie doors, jump furniture, and keep themselves warm with blankets.

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3. They love to learn from their owners

Besides learning new things on their own, they love to learn new things from their pet owners. Pet owners inspire their dogs to try experimenting with different tricks and moves.

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4. They are willing to build trust with their owners

Their youthfulness allow them to create strong relationships with their owners that will grow overtime. Instilling trust and love within dogs at a young age allows them to stay loyal to you when they get older.

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5. They are curious about meeting different animals

There’s a common belief that dogs and cats don’t get along when in reality that’s not true. Many dogs who live in the same household with cats tend to build a friendly relationship. Some become so friendly that they even sleep near each other.

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6. It’s cute when you see them use their adaptive instincts to understand things

Many people think that dogs turn their heads when they seem confused, but dogs like this one move their heads to adjust their hearing.

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7. Every now and then they prove themselves to be human like us

A lot of dogs want to copy their owner’s movements. They like to fill the human role and show off their abilities.

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8. They enjoy the simple things in life.

It doesn’t take much to make puppies smile. A tickle or scratch on their bellies is enough to make them happy throughout the day.

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9. The world is a better place when they sleep

One of the best dog moments ever is when puppies close their eyes to sleep. They look so peaceful and innocent.

10.They are our ultimate cute companions

Their size, fur, and eyes makes us smile. They are so full of life and curiosity that they seek any opportunity to be close with us in exchange for comfort and protection in our arms.