How to Give Your Puppy The Right Food


Puppies are adorable and fun, but sadly dogs don’t stay that size forever. Puppies eventually grow to become adult dogs so they should have a diet that  adapts to their growth. Puppies’ growth varies on their breed. So its best that dog owners work with veterinarians to create the best health plan that individually fits their dogs needs.

One of the best ways to promote growth in your puppies is to feed them food high in protein. They require much more protein than adult dogs because their bodies are growing at a faster rate. They also need food higher in calories to give them more energy. It helps compensate for the large amount of calories used for tissue growth and development alone. But be careful not to give puppies too much protein because it can lead to an unbalanced calcium and phosphorus ratio. This will cause puppies to grow too quickly resulting in abnormal joint development.

As your puppy grows, it’s fine to give them puppy food. But over time dog owners need to visit their local vet to determine if they are ready to switch to adult dog food. Buy dog food that have been approved by the AAFCO feeding trials. They verify that the products have been fed to dogs and don’t have harmful substances in them. This is what you should look for because some dog companies don’t put too much effort testing the helpful or harmful substances in their products.

Always watch your puppy’s weight and feeding time. You don’t want to over feed them. I hope dog owners make sure their dogs are given the best nutrients possible for them to grow healthy and playful.