Exercises You and Your Dog Can Do Together


Everyone knows that staying fit is important and that fitting some work outs into our busy lives are even more challenging so today i am giving you a few exercises that you can do with your pet everyday to get you ready for the summer weather.

Some of these workouts are very tedious and can get tiring as well so make sure you have the following materials before you get started. Make sure you have:
* Water for you and your pet
*Towel to dry off with
*catchy tunes to get you motivated
*Leg weights (optional)
*proper exercising equipment
* An exercising mat
*Your pet ( of course!) 🙂

Some of these items listed are optional, meaning that they are not mandatory in sucessfully doing the workouts that i am about to list for you so get get ready to take some notes because its time for some of gabbys advice! I am going to list 7 different exercises, some ranging from beginner to intermediate, intermediate to advanced and advanced to a full fledged, all out, tiring exercise. Lets begin!

1. Using your dog as your weight. (Beginner)
*This one is fairly easy, depending on how much your dog weights. If your dog is on the small side, then they will be easier to lift verses if your dog was more on the heavy side.

2. Walking/Running with your dog. (Beginner/intermediate)
*This one is easy. Its beginner going into intermediate. You can start by walking and gradually increase to running.

3. Doggy pushup (intermediate)
*This is where you put your dog on your back and do a standard push up. The weight of the dog will increase your arm strength in the long run.

4. Play catch with dog (beginner)
*This is a beginners exercise. It will gve you the chance to work on your arm range and throwing technique while also giving your dog some running strength as well.

5. The Puppy lunge ( full fledged)
* i personally do this one with my dog ruth. While i am walking her around the track, i put on my leg weights and do a set of 10 lunges. Sometimes i get tired but it helps increase my leg muscles.

6. Dog situps (Advanced)
* This exercise helps you more than the dog but its a good one to do while building your core muscles. Have the dog lay on your feet and hold them down while you do your situps. If your dog is too small, try to have someone do it for you.

7. Canine squats (intermediate/ advanced)
* This exercise helps you with your legs and glutes and also gives you a chance to exercise with your dog.
What you want to do is squat regularly but while squating pick up your pup everytime you get up and put him down when you come back down to squat.
Only do this a couple of times because some animals dont like the up-down motion like that so just test this one out to see if you can do this with your pet.

These are just seven of the many exercises that you can do with your pet this spring so that by summer you will have the body you have always wanted. Exercising is very important for your health and keeping your body right so make sure that you always make time for it. Happy Dog Days everyone!!!

P.S: If you don’t know how to do some of the exercises listed above, just click on these YouTube links below:

How to do a Pushup: How to Do a Push-Up | Boot Camp Workout

How to do a Lunge: How to Do a Lunge | Thighs Workout

How to do a Squat:  How to Do a Squat | Boot Camp Workout

** All of the YouTube workout videos are by HowCast.

**All pictures courtesy of Google images.


Do you think that exercise is important? Do you think that it is possible that you could exercise with your pet? Have you ever tried it? If so, i wanna hear from you. Just comment below and dont forget to follow me!!! There is so much more in store. This is only the beginning. ☺😁😄😅😆☺😄😄😄☺🐶🐶🐶🐩🐩🐩🐩🐶🐶🐩