Dog Adoption: What You Need To Know?


Adopting a dog can be a very exciting time for an individual and their families but there are a couple of things you need to know before you take the dog adoption journey. According to , “The first few days in your home are special and critical for a pet. Your new dog will be confused about where he is and what to expect from you. Setting up some clear structure with your family for your dog will be paramount in making as smooth a transition as possible.”

Today I am going to list a few things you need to know if you are thinking about taking the adoption journey and or if you are already on that journey and might need a couple tips to make the transition easier so sit back, relax and get ready for some of gabby’s advice!

Well, Lets get started! The first thing one must know is how your adopted will react to their new surroundings.

Getting your pup adjusted:

This part will be the longest but most critical part of  getting your dog used to a new place. It will be time consuming but in the end, your dog will be more comfortable in this new setting. You will have to:

  • Train your pup
  • Give him/her time to adjust to you and his/her new home
  • Have a set feeding schedule/ Set schedule
  • Make sure you ask the adoption center about your dogs’ past
  • Dog proof the area your pet will spend most of his time
  • Ask veterinarian for recommendations

Training your pup:

According to , “Training your dog will start the first moment you have him. Take time to create a vocabulary list everyone will use when giving your dog directions. This will help prevent confusion and help your dog learn his commands more quickly.”

Make sure that you spend a lot of time with your pet on this topic. This will give them more familiarity with your rules and structure.

Give him/her time to adjust:

Your new pup will need some alone time to explore your home and to observe what you do. According to , “Allow your pets to take their time sniffing around their new digs. Let them explore — and if they decide to hide for a while, that’s OK as long as they know where the doggy door or litter box is. Allow them to come out when they are ready.”

Having a set feeding schedule/ Set schedule:

Having a set schedule will get your new canine more aware of what will happen and what they will be doing as well. Make sure you maintain or plan on maintaining consistency with your pet. This is one of the main keys to get your adopted dog or new dog adjusted.

Here is an example of a feeding chart you could follow by (If need be):

Make sure you ask the adoption center about your dogs’ past: 

It is very important that you about your dogs past so that you as a new dog owner or dog owner can know how to approach your pets needs and lifestyle without over stepping or making the journey harder for both sides.

Dog proof the area your pet will spend most of his time:

Make sure you dog proof the area that your new canine will be most of the time. This way your pet will know their area well and your home wont get damaged because of miscommunication issues or the area not being well doggy proofed.

Ask veterinarian for recommendations:  

If you need professional guidance for your pet, contact your local veterinarian or the adoption center. They will provide you with some useful tips and more to help you with your pet.

My Thoughts and Personal Relation:

Personally when I brought my dog (well my puppy at the time) Ruth home, I had to get her familiar with the house. She was quiet for the first couple of days but I could tell that she was going to be a keeper because she enjoyed being around me. Everywhere I went in the house, she would follow me and sniff my leg. Occasionally, she would have accidents in the house but now Ruth is a well-trained dog who loves being around people and is a very happy dog. I love my doggy!!!! 🙂

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