How Dogs Are Beneficial To Your Health


Did you know that dogs can be beneficial to your health? Yes it’s true. According to, ” Research has shown that it only takes a mere 15–30 minutes with your pet to feel more relaxed and calm. Playing with your dog also raises your brain’s levels of dopamine and serotonin, which are neurotransmitters that are associated with pleasure and tranquility.” Thats definitely a benefit! Today i am going to list a couple of ways that dogs can be and are a benefit to your health. Sit back, relax and get ready for some of gabbys’ advice!
Lets get started!

The ways include:
*Dogs can relieve stress.
*Dogs make you more social.
*Dogs make you a better person.
*Dogs can help kids/adults stay active.
*Dogs also help with patients dealing with Alzheimer’s.

Dogs can relieve stress

Yes, dogs can be stress relievers because according to, ” People in stress mode get into a “state of dis-ease,” in which harmful chemicals like cortisol and norepinephrine can negatively affect the immune system”, so having a dog can put you at a lower risk of being stressed out.

Dogs can make you more social.

Dogs can help spark up convos as well. The person might want to know more about your canine and boom, a convo just started. That convo could stay at dog talking level or it could go on to something more.

Dogs can make you a better person

Dogs can make you feel better about yourself in more ways than one. According to, ” Caring for a dog takes a lot of responsibility and commitment, and it also teaches us to be more patient and less selfish. You also learn to be less focused on yourself and more patient, as pets can sometimes test the patience of even the most tolerant people.”

Dogs can help kids/adults stay active

Dogs encourage their owners to get up and be active and of course being active has its advantages. According to, “Taking your dog on walks and throwing the ball around makes for good exercise. Apart from the dog walking alone, dog owners were also found to achieve more advanced stages of movement compared to those who own dogs and do not walk them.”

Dogs help with patients dealing with Alzheimer’s and the elderly too

According to, ” Studies have shown that Alzheimer’s patients have fewer anxious outbursts if there is an animal in the home,” and ” Walking a dog or just caring for a pet — for elderly people who are able — can provide exercise and companionship. Dogs can really give a person some energy.

In conclusion, dogs can be very beneficial to your health. My dog ruth is fun of energy and always makes me smile. Did my article help you? If so, let me know. I will definitely respond. Dont forget to comment and follow. Also follow my blog as well. Happy dog days everyone!!!!!!!

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