The Best Products For Your Dog


As pet-owners, we want what is best for our canines and with a variety of so called “good products” out there, it makes choosing the best seem difficult to do. today I put together a list especially for you guys. This list consist of a variety of items, from the top dog food to top grooming tools, so sit back, relax and get ready for some of gabbys advice! Lets get started shall we!

Topics for today:

  • Top Dog food
  • Top Grooming tools
  • Top Dental Sticks
  • My Personal Opinion

Top Dog Food

According to Drs. Foster & Smith Adult Lite Dog Food , “Chicken & Brown Rice Formula can help your overweight dog slim down and stay slim with healthy, wholesome nutrition. This premium, reduced-calorie formula includes L-Carnitine to optimize metabolism and a specially formulated blend of protein, fat, and fiber.”

According to “ORGANIX Butcher & Bushel Shredded Chicken Dinner with Fresh-Cut Potatoes is a nutritious and indulgent canned recipe made with hearty portions of certified USDA organic meats and vegetables. Indulge your dog’s appetite with satisfying proteins and essential nutrients for optimum health.”

Top Grooming Tools

According to, when your dog needs their ears cleaned , the best product to do that would be 21st Century Clean Ear Dog Pads. ” Keeping your dog’s ears clean is very important to maintain good health. This non-irritating, soothing formula is easy to use and helps remove dirt and debris, and dissolve waxy build up.”


Top Dental Sticks

In order to keep your canines mouth clean and healthy, I recommend these products below:


According to, “Reward your canine companion while helping to improve his dental health with these PEDIGREE DENTASTIX Bacon Flavor Treats for Dogs that are specially designed to help reduce up to 80% of tartar build-up on your dog’s teeth with a satisfying hard consistency. The mouthwatering flavor is sure to appeal to your dog’s cravings, and the vitamins in the treats help you serve them with confidence.”

GREENIES® Daily Dental Dog Treat

According to, “GREENIES Veterinary Formula Canine Dental Chews contain our most powerful teeth-cleaning formula ever. Dogs’ teeth sink far into the grooves and valleys to scrub away plaque and tartar, freshen breath and promote healthier gums by up to 80%.”


My Personal Opinion

I personally feel like nobody really knows what’s the best, they only knows what’s best for them and as pet-owners, we should really take in consideration what is best for our pets because what’s best for one pet might not be best for all pets. My dog Ruth uses the dentastix dogs treats. they actually work and she finds them very yummy because every time I pull the bag out, she gets excited and when she gets her paws on it, I know that its a done deal. lol. Happy dog days everyone!!!!!

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