The Importance of Service Dogs


Every dog owner will argue that their dog is special, but there are some extra special dogs that no one can deny. These special dogs would, of course, be service dogs. These specially trained dogs have one of the most important jobs any human or animal could have. They help all different types of people with all different types of abilities. These dogs can enter any establishment and should you encounter one, it’s best to not distract them, unless the owner gives you and the dog permission.

The types of people that could quality for service dogs vary and have to meet certain qualifications. Those who have service dogs may have impaired vision, impaired hearing, a physical disability, anxiety or panic attacks, autism, or suffer from seizures. Police dogs, search and rescue dogs and border protection dogs are also considered service dogs. These dogs must meet a set of standards in order to perform their jobs appropriately. These include: responding correctly to basic obedience commands, adhering to basic obedience hand signals and verbal commands, and be able to perform at least three tasks that specifically help an owner.

Those who may need a service dog also must meet a set of standards. These requirements generally include understanding the need of canine health and care, knowing acceptable training techniques, knowing appropriate public behavior and local access laws. Owners also have to prove that their service dog can perform at least three tasks under their command and being able to teach their dog additional skills.

Service dogs have incredibly important and life changing jobs. The loyalty, compassion and intelligence that dogs possess is seen in every pet, but is especially utilized and noticed in service dogs. It’s seems an easy choice that a dog would be used as a service dog because these qualities are natural to every dog.


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