Doggie Kisses


So many dog owners wonder why dogs love to give kisses. Is it instinctual or just a silly habit? It turns both of these reasons are correct, and there’s a couple others.

Firstly, licking can become a nervous habit. Humans have them and dogs can develop them as well. If they’re licking becomes too obsessive, it may be time to talk to your vet. Secondly, dogs use it as a way to communicate. The messages they’re sending may be that they’re hungry or that they want to be friends! Funny enough, they lick us because we taste good. Dogs love any left over food particles on our skin and the saltiness of human skin is a nice treat to them. Dogs will lick themselves to groom and even heal wounds, so long as they’re not harming themselves it’s totally normal. The sweetest reason they lick humans is to show us affection! All dog owners hope and assume this is a reason for doggie kisses, and it’s completely true. When they lick for affection it releases pleasurable endorphins, which is why they enjoy it so much.

Dog love to lick and give kisses and it’s sweet to know that one reason is because they love us! It’s also super interesting that it could be a way to communicate and send messages to their owners. If that doesn’t make you love your pup more, I don’t know what will!

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