Best T.V. Dogs


When it comes to television, there are so many dogs featured. Whether they be the main character, a trusty side-kick, or a reliable friend, they all capture the greatness within dogs.

First, there’s the timeless and classic dog Snoopy from The Peanuts. This Beagle is a special dog to Charlie Brown, and he has an amazing imagination. The Peanuts often feature sequences of Snoopy turning his dog house into a fighter jet with the help of his bird friend, Woodstock. It’s impossible to not find Snoopy absolutely adorable and full of wit.

Another that most of us will never forget is Comet, a Golden Retriever, from Full House. This dog was just as important as the rest of the family. Comet was often the catharsis for the characters internal thoughts, cementing an important role. With the release of Fuller House we meet Comet’s offspring, and see the children creating just as strong bonds as in the original.

Wishbone from the television show Wishbone was a Jack Russel Terrier with a love of classic literature. Wishbone often daydreamed about an exciting life where he was the star of this classic literature, like Romeo and Juliet. This made for an educational and fun show for people of all ages.

One dog that could not be left out is the Great Dane, Scooby-Doo, from the original series Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! This dog is a widely recognized, and loved character that comes from a ragtag group of mystery-solving friends. His best friend and main caretaker is Shaggy. They have an unbreakable bond, and a mutual love for Scooby Snax.  Scooby-doo is such a fun dog, with several adorable catch phrases.

Another recognizable dog is the Beagle, Brian Griffin, from Family Guy. Brian walks on his hind legs, talks like a human, and drinks martinis. Brian is often the voice of reason, and is very dry and sarcastic in his delivery. He has the strongest bond with Stewie, the youngest of Lois and Peter’s children. Brian is probably more realistic as a human than the other human characters, which makes him so intriguing. He struggles getting his career off the ground and has a hard time finding himself. He’s definitely a fan favorite, and when he was killed off in season 12, there was a public outcry and he was brought back.

There are dogs featured in almost every show on television. These are some of the dogs that have made their mark on pop culture and won’t soon be forgotten.