Bulldog Blog Sunday Special: Summer time for Bullies!


The very first signs of seeing heat exhaustion: Excessive panting ,the skin on the inside of the ears becomes flushed and red. Heat Exhaustion can progress in to Heat Stroke, as indicated by:  Weakness, Staggering and Fainting – loss of consciousness Heat stroke is an emergency situation.

Bulldogs love to sun bathe and soak up the sun rays onto their gorgeous bulky bodies. Unfortunately, they at times don’t know any better on when its time to stop being a tanning doggy and just go inside with some cool air conditioning. Always keep your bully at sight when they go outside! Especially if you live in Miami’s hot weather as do the models for Bullyfambam.

We all love our bulldogs and know they can be stubborn at times to come inside. A easy trick we use at the office to get our bullies inside is by using the magic of FOOD! If you have any other suggestions or tricks to keep bullies cool feel free to comment below or email us at bullyfambam@gmail.com

And remember to always keep your bullies safe! #bullyfambam #bulldog #miami #heatandbullies