10 things to do with your dog this summer.


Summer is now here and with it comes the nice weather that so many people are going to take advantage of to get out of the house.  Dogs also love the weather so it is only natural that we take them along with us.  Here are some ideas for you and your dog to do this summer:

1. Play fetch – This is one of the oldest and easiest things to do with your dog.  Take a ball, stick, Frisbee, anything and go out there and have fun with your dog.

2. Take your dog to the beach – Dogs love the beach.  The sand, the water, and all the new smells are exciting for dogs and make this a great place to take your dog for a day, as long as you don’t mind that wet dog smell later that day.

3.Take your dog to the lake – This is another option if you are worried about your dog going into the ocean.  The lake is much calmer and this is great especially for smaller dogs who might get caught in the waves, and they are usually less crowded than the beaches.

4.Give your dog a bath outside – I know this may not sound like a fun activity for you, but it is definitely a much more enjoyable experience for the dog.  Playing in the water outside is a lot more fun than being shoved into a small bathtub for them, and you don’t have to worry about them shaking water all over your bathroom

5. Take your dog to a dog park – This is a great way for not only your dog to get exercise and meet new friends, but you as well!  There are hundreds of people who go to dog parks on a daily basis and, who knows, you could met some very interesting people!

6. Take your dog for a ride in the car – This is a great activity for you and your dog.  If you possibly have a convertible that you don’t mind your furry friend hopping in the back of.  This is a great opportunity for you to feel the wind in your hair and for your dog to let his or her tongue flap in the wind.

7. Take your dog on a hike – This is a good alternative to your daily walks with your dog. You get to see a new place, you have a great companion to accompany you, and you get a great workout.

8. Go exploring with your dog – Dogs are naturally curious creatures, That’s why they are always sniffing what seems to be every tree and wandering off.  The summer is a great time to take him to a new place, such as that forest a couple miles from your house, and see what you two can find.

9. “Build” something with your dog – So your dog will probably not help that much, but he will be a good companion for building that doghouse or birdhouse you always said you were going to build, and he may fetch you a tool or two!

10. Be lazy with your dog outside – Who doesn’t like being lazy on a hot summer day?  There is nothing more fun than relaxing and reading a good book with your dog lounging around by your side.

Remember to always be safe and conscious of you and your dog’s health as you go about your activities this summer.  Enjoy the sunshine!