Dog Review: Golden Retrievers


One of the best known dogs in the United States, and possibly the world, is the golden retriever.   This is well known as being a great family pet, but they were bred for a far different purpose.  They were originally bred as gun dogs, dogs who would go out with hunters.  Their duties included spotting prey, most notably geese and duck, and retrieving it once it had been shot.  Their job of retrieving the prey and their ability to do so without harming it, combined with its golden coat, gave this breed its iconic name.  These dogs also make good gun dogs because they have an inherent love of the outdoors and water. The last reason they make good hunting dogs is because they are very easy to train to an advanced obedience level.  This trait has also endeared them to families who want a friendly, well-trained family pet.

Golden retrievers weigh 65-75 lbs. or 55-65 lbs. and stand 22-24 in. or 20-22 in. tall depending on whether they are male or female respectively.  They are classified as a large breed with typically long-hair coats, with a dense inner coat that provides them warmth in the outdoors.  This causes the breed to shed quite often, especially during seasonal change, and requires these dogs to be groomed often.  Golden retrievers are best suited to live in rural or suburban environments.  They require lots of exercise and should be fenced in if left outside because of their tendency to wander and explore.  Even though leaving them outside is a simple solution for them to get their daily exercise, they require lots of companionship or they may show signs of distress or not wanting to be around other animals.  Most people recommend they be kept inside and within the family environment, and they will be they friendly, family-loving dogs that got them their favorable reputation.

The most notable feature about golden retrievers is their amicable personality.  Most golden retrievers you will meet are very friendly and are quick to make your acquaintance.  This has made them the third most-owned dog in the United States and the Eighth most int Great Britain.  This friendly nature has also made them one of the top choices for disability assistance dogs and seeing-eye dogs.  This breed is very coveted and its blood lines have been greatly protected, meaning not much has changed from when the dog was first introduced to the AKC in 1925.  The purebreds are often contenders at dog shows and they have one many of the top prizes that have been offered.  These dogs are very versatile and can be helpful is almost any facet of life.

There are three different types of golden retrievers: British, American, and Canadian. The British-type are usually found in Europe and Australia.  These types usually have the lightest coat of fur.  They also have a broader skull and more muscular front-quarters.  The American-type is lankier and less muscular than the other types of golden retrievers.  Their coats are a darker, more richer color than the other types.  Finally, the Canadian-type stands taller than the rest of the types.  They have the darkest, yet thinnest fur out of the three.  It does not matter the type of retriever, however, because all of them are extremely friendly and great household pets.  I would highly recommend this breed to anyone who is wishing to add an active, furry friend into their lives.