Are All Dogs Natural Swimmers?


During the summer, it’s always great to bring out our dogs as much as possible. Most of the time we find ourselves near the water, and so many dogs love swimming. But are all dogs natural swimmers?

Most dogs have a natural instinct for the doggy paddle, but that doesn’t mean they are necessary good swimmers. Many dogs can swim, but there are some that cannot swim at all. With that said, some dogs are able to be taught. 

Water is not natural for a dog, so it’s important to be patient when trying to get a dog in water. This process should be slow and full of encouragement/reassurance. Medium to large sized dogs with water-resistant coats and webbed paws are typically the dogs best and most comfortable at swimming. Dogs with short muzzles and legs usually are poorer swimmers. When a dog is learning to swim, it’s important to stay close and put them in vests. 

Some dogs love to cool off in the water, but just because all dogs have a paddling instinct doesn’t mean they’re good swimmers. Paying attention to your dog is the best way to learn this!