Homelessness and Dogs


When you stop to think about it, there are quite a lot of people who are proud owners of many kinds of wonderful dogs. They come in many shapes, colors, sizes, and personality types. But did you know that those dogs that are fortunate enough to find a place to call home are only ten percent of all the dogs born who manage to find one?

While a good portion of those homeless dogs, about 3.9 million, do end up in an Animal Rescue Shelter, when those eventually become too full to take in any more animals, the unfortunate ones are either left out on the street or sadly are killed. On the streets, there are way more homeless animals than there are people, outnumbering them 5 to 1. There is no way to accurately report just exactly how many homeless dogs there actually are. One estimate says that for cats, there very may well be up to 70 million homeless cats. Of all the animals that enter shelters, a measly 10 percent are spayed or neutered. This leads to animal overpopulation, which only results in a great many of these animals being killed from a lack of the necessary resources required in order to take care of them.

Fortunately, there actions we can take to help alleviate this issue. The recommended way to help these animals in need is to adopt them at shelters through your local Humane Society. While in their care, no animal is euthanized due to a lack of space or food, so they are much healthier at the time of adoption than picking up an animal off the street. They are also committed to spay/neuter programs and responsible pet ownership. So if you or someone you know is thinking about getting a pet, consider going through a Humane Society Shelter rather than paying hundreds of dollars for a puppy, as it is much more cost-effective.