BarkBox: Your Dog’s Personalized Box of Goodies!


In the modern day, there are countless products and services out there catering to human’s needs and desires that have been enabled by technology, such as food delivery and shipment of products. Now, even dogs can indulge a little in the convenience and excitement that comes with ordering something and having it delivered to your dog. The new and exciting BarkBox offers its’ customers a box filled with all type of goodies specifically for your furry friend!

BarkBox works as a monthly subscription service that delivers different types of products catering to only dogs. It takes only three simple steps to ensure your dog gets their monthly box: First, owners choose their dog’s size to give the people behind BarkBox an idea of what your dog may want/need; then, you choose the length of your subscription, which can be either 1, 6 or 12 months; lastly, you and your dog wait until the 15th of every month when your personalized box gets delivered.

Each box contains five different products centered on nutritional treats, fun toys and hygiene. Every single product offered in the BarkBox community is hand-picked by the staff and delivered right to your doorstep. A one-month subscription retails for $29, while the 6-month subscription is $24 per month ($144 total) and the 12-month subscription is $20 ($240 total).

The New York based company has gained popularity over time, with now an astounding 200,000 subscribers! In past reviews, many pet-parents and their beloved dogs have loved their unique goodies, proving that BarkBox caters to all dogs and owners. If you or your dog want to take part of such a different service, check out their website and find out more at