Dog Dental Hygiene


In a prior post, I discussed some tips and tricks to get your puppy in the long term habit of good dental health. Now in this post, I will highlight some things you can do when your puppy has grown into an adult dog.

Many of these tips were discussed in the Puppy Dental Hygiene post, and for good reason: some of these are things that should be done throughout the course of their life. One is using rawhide or knucklebone for them to chew on. This helps scrape off food from their teeth, preventing plaque buildup. If your dog for some reason doesn’t like those natural options, artificial bones or chew toys will also work. Never give them bones from a steak. This is a common practice and can lead to fractured teeth, which is painful for humans and dogs alike.

Of course, the best way to clean your dog’s teeth is to brush them. You may use a human toothbrush (not your own, though!) or dog toothbrushes which are more angled. You shouldn’t, however, use human toothpaste as it includes detergent and other ingredients that are unsafe for dogs to swallow. Canine toothpastes are available and come in flavors they’ll enjoy like chicken or seafood.

Naturally, they may not enjoy it at first, but give it some time. If you incentivize them with a treat, they may come to not hate getting their teeth brushed.