How Far To Walk Your Dog


There are some things about dogs that we cannot avoid. The fact that they’re so adorable as well as their health requirements. A vital thing that all dogs need regardless of breed and size, is daily exercise. The time tested easiest way to get your dog the physical activity he needs is through the simple walk with him or her. Walking your dog ensures that their muscles receive stimuli so they remain in shape, helps develop a proper metabolic rate, and stimulates your dog mentally as well. A well recommended range for the duration of a dog’s physical activity should be anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours. Of course the dog’s breed, age, and size also make a difference in how much exercise is sufficient.

The heritage of a dog breed is a strong indicator of exercise requirements. Short nose breeds, like the bulldog or a Shih Tzu, not much exercise is required. A walk around the block should be enough of a workout for them. However, regardless of breed, if you notice your dog being restless and pacing around the house, it is time to take them for a stroll. Even when your furry friend reaches his twilight years and may be more inclined to sleep all day than run around, they still require some sort of physical activity in order to make sure their body is as healthy as it can possibly be.

Be sure to consult your veterinarian before attempting any exercise for your dog that is not the routine walk, just to be sure it is safe for them.