How to Travel with Anxious Dogs


Have you ever tried traveling with your dog whether it was by a car, a plane, or a train and it go completely wrong? Perhaps you placed your dog in the trunk of the car with a nice cozy blanket to sleep on during the ride but instead your dog continues to pace back and forth in the back. Maybe your dog is similar to my dog and was placed in the trunk of the car in the beginning of the car ride but made her way to the passenger seat of the car within the first ten minutes of the car ride. Maybe you placed your dog in a crate during the time you were traveling on the train or plane but couldn’t get your dog to stop crying, while disturbing the peace amoung the passengers. You may have also kept your dog in the crate because you were unsure of your ability to contain him or her in his or her state.

Well, I am writing this blog to inform you all that there are different ways to approach the situation. Some of these ways include:

  • Change your dog’s experience of traveling

It is known that in many cases a dog’s travel anxiety is due to a past experience that was not found to be enjoyable. An example of this type of experience could go from a trip to the vet or an abandoment experience. So, in order to make your dog less anxious during car rides you need to change the past and horrible experience to a new and pleasant experience. You can achieve this by simply taking your dog in the car with you for little joy rides or if your a mother or father to pick up your children from school. The smiles and welcoming pets toward your dog will help make the trip more enjoyable and a bit rewarding for your dog.

  • Use methods of calming

Sometimes it helps to bring along an object that your dog favors above others such as a toy. It also helps to play quiet classical music to calm your dog or cracking the windows a bit to allow some fresh air to enter the car. However, I would advise that you do not open your windows fully especially if your dog has access to put his or her head out the window because your dog might try to make a break for it without you knowing.

  • Medicate your dog

Even though some owners may be against drugging their dog in order to get him or her to stay calm, it may be another person’s last option. There is no harm in trying to mellow your dog out during a car ride because allowing your dog to behave anxiously can be threatening to not only the dog but the owners as well. So, if you are one to come to terms with the idea of medicating your dog, talk to your vet about it and he or she can prescribe one that is safe for your dog to take.

Well, this is my advice to you if you have an anxious dog while traveling but love bringing him or her along with you on trips and family vacations. I hope you enjoy it!