Dogs Crash Into Walmart


We’ve all heard dreadful stories about owners leaving their dogs alone in their cars for extended periods of time. This past Friday, another owner who left her dogs unattended in a car made headlines. However, in a rather unusual turn, it was not for the reasons you’d expect.

The two dogs named Sadie and Peppi, who were left with the air conditioner on while their owner shopped at her local Walmart, decided to take a short-lived joyride with the car. Their owner, a woman described to be in her late 70s, apparently left the parked car running so that her two pets wouldn’t suffer from the heat while she went in for a quick shopping spree at a West Virginia Walmart.

The dogs somehow managed to shift the gear in the Ford Crown Victoria and, slowly but surely, made their way straight into the store. A store employee was enjoying her break when she witnessed the car slowly running towards her from the parking lot. At first, she told WSAZ News Channel that she thought it was a joke, but later realized the culprit was a dog.

To make matters even more peculiar, the second dog, who was sitting in the passenger seat, then rolled down the window as the car made its’ way to the building. According to the local 911 in Wayne County, the dispatcher who took the call wrote the following notes: “Two dogs in the car. One knocked car out of gear. Other rolled window down.”

Thankfully, no damage was done either to the car, the building it crashed into, and either of the two dogs. No report was filed and the owner later drove away with her two mischevious pets.