Doggy Calories


In today’s society, there are more people than ever who like to take their personal physical health very seriously. They exercise every day, make sure they eat right, and some of us even like to keep track of their caloric intake every single day. But calories can also play a large part in the overall fitness and quality of life of dogs as well. Dogs on average require about 30 calories for each pound they weigh. However, this varies across dog size. Small dogs that weigh less than 20 pounds can expend up to 40 calories per pound per day whereas large dogs over 50 pounds can spend less calories, around 20 calories per pound per day. Caloric intake may be less for dogs who live in hot weather and are inactive and neutered. And conversely, working or herding dogs and dogs that spend most of their time outdoors will most likely require more calories in their daily diets. Keep in mind, however, that individual metabolism, exercise, age, environment and overall health will determine what your dog really needs to remain lean and healthy.

Dogs can only have so many meals a day, so it is paramount that you put a great amount of nutrition on each of their meals. It is best to spread these calories out in several meals each day rather than one large meal. It will be easier for your dog if they ate 2 to 3 times each day rather than waiting 24 hours for one large meal.