Why We Should All Love Our Dogs As Much As Hagrid Loves His Pets!


Over the summer I have challenged myself in reading the Harry Potter books because a friend of mine at school informed me that I was not a true english major untill I have read them. Well, I am happy to say that it is almost the end of the summer, and I only have one more book left to read out of the seven Harry Potter books before I complete the series, which has remotely taken me about three weeks. I have to admit that the stories have captured my heart as well as the characters and their relationships whether they have been out of love or friendship. However, there is one character from the Harry Potter series that I have come to admire throughout the seven books while slightly laughing at his characteristics. This is character is named Rubeus Hagrid, or better known as just Hagrid. I have come to admire Hagrid not only for his relationships with his human friends such as Harry, Hermione, and Ron, but as well as with his furry, scaly, or eight-legged friends.

Hagrid has been known to nurture animals of all kinds that are deemed dangerous such as a Norwegian Ridgeback, which is a type of dragon. Hagrid spent countless hours in the library learning all about dragons and how to hatch them and take care of them. After the dragon was hatched, Hagrid believed that the cute and dangerous creature still deserved a name, and he named the dragon Norbert, which later turned to Norberta when they confirmed her gender. It was a heart wrenching moment for Hagrid when he gave her up to be taking care by professionals and to also be surrounded by her own kind, but he knew that was what was best for her.

Hagrid also takes care of ordinary animals such as dogs. He had a bourhound named Fang who was considered to be “man’s best friend” and was one of the best dogs a person could ask for. He was like any other dog out there who slobbered all over you when you wanted a kiss and ran to the door when you came to visit. Hagrid also called him “a bloody coward” when Draco Malfoy wanted to take him along while walking in the Forbidden Forest. Well, Fang may have been a coward, but he still faced his fears and walked into danger when he was needed. Hagrid shows his love for Fang when he rescues him from his burning house.

Hagrid treated his pets like his children. He loved and cared for them all throughout their lives and even when they were no longer in his care, he would ask the people taking care of his old pets every chance he got. I feel that we are no different from Hagrid. We see our dogs as our children because we love and care for their well-being, and we would protect them as one of our own. We would cry at our dog’s funeral the way Hagrid cried at Argog’s funeral, his ginormous pet spider. Hagrid has been an example of how to love and treat our pets/dogs since 1997, and I can’t imagine there to be any literary character to be better than our Hagrid.