Welsh Spaniel Gets Stuck On Roof While Seeking Attention


While we may not always appreciate attention-seekers, this particular one may just melt your heart. Millie, a welsh springer Spaniel from Birmingham, England, was left behind with a dog-sitter as her family went away on a week-long vacation to Spain. The dog sitter was taking care of Millie’s every need, yet at one point, she had to run to the store to pick something out.

Millie, after being left behind from her beloved family and the pet-sitter as well, was feeling lonely and decided she had to do something in order to gather attention and, hopefully, have somebody play with her. She climbed up to the attic room and found the skylight open, after which she climbed it as well and ended up stuck on the roof of the house.

Millie’s owner, Julia Wright, had just finally landed at the Birmingham airport after her week-long vacation when she turned her phone on and began receiving countless text messages and missed calls in regards to Millie’s mischievous behavior. Julia told the Daily Mail, “When the plane landed and we switched our phones on we had tons of pictures of the dog on the roof. I thought it was Photoshopped. We couldn’t believe what was happening.”

After getting stuck by herself on the roof and realizing nobody was giving her the attention she so badly wanted, Millie began crying. Thankfully, the neighbors heard her crying and found her atop of the house. The concerned neighbors tried to bring Millie down themselves but later decided it was in everybody’s best interest to call the fire brigade.

The neighbor also managed to get Andy, Julia’s son and also owner of Millie, on the phone to tell him about the dog’s erratic behavior. Andy rushed back to the house, but, to his surprise, he only made matters worse. Millie got a little too excited after seeing one of her owners back and seemed to be desperate for jumping from the roof to get to Andy – something that would have resulted in certain harm and danger for her.

Andy handed over the house keys to the firefighters and hid himself on one of his neighbors’ home as an attempt to calm the overly-excited Spaniel. One of the firefighters climbed on a ladder and reassured Millie was safe by embracing her while another managed to get into the house and helped Millie get out by the same skylight she initially passed through to get to the roof.

Millie is now safe and unharmed, and is enjoying her family’s company after missing them just a tad bit too much. Julia recalls, “Millie is always desperate for attention but even we couldn’t believe she had gone to these lengths.”