Italian Dog Mourns Besides His Late Owner’s Coffin After Disastrous Earthquake


By now, you’ve probably all heard the devastating news of the chaotic 6.1  magnitude earthquake that hit central Italy just a few days ago. The terrible disaster took 291 lives, and wounded countless others, as many villages were collapsed to the ground. As the whole country continues to mourn, a mass funeral was held in the local gym of the town called Pomezia.

Thirty-five coffins were heavily adorned with flowers, while hundreds of natives attended to grieve the deaths of family members, friends, and acquaintances. Despite of the numerous people who attended, there was a certain someone that caught the eye of those at the funeral – a blonde cocker spaniel who would not leave the side of its’ owner’s coffin.

The dog, who is named Flash, stayed beside his late owner’s coffin, Andrea Cossu, and refused to leave, sometimes even pawing at the coffin and crying. Cossu, who was originally from Sardinia, was, like hundreds of other victims and Italians, spending his summer holidays at the village of Pescara del Tronto when the quake hit. Cossu was 45 when the natural disaster caused several buildings to collapse, one of which fell atop of him and led to his death.

Cossu is survived by his wife, who somehow managed to survive the earthquake, and will now be taking care of Flash by herself. Relatives of the deceased told the Italian media, “The two of them were inseparable.” The haunting image of the grieving dog highlights the love and loyalty dogs have to their owners, even in the worst circumstances.

Many survivors owe their lives to the dozens of policemen, firefighters, and rescue dogs who did not leave the graphic collapsed town until they managed to find everybody they possibly could. Amongst the many rescue dogs that dedicated themselves to save people’s lives were Labradors and Alsatians.