Police Officers Pay Dog’s Expensive Vet Bill After Saving An Innocent Man


A heated argument in a Boston neighborhood turned deadly when shots were fired and an innocent young female and a dog were hit. Dashaye Mizhari, an 18-year-old girl, was in the neighborhood in Dorchester when the shots were fired in the early morning of this past Thursday. As Mizhari ran for cover and her life, she was shot three times, but thankfully survived and is now receiving medical treatment in the intensive care unit.

However, the police who were called to the scene of the crime firmly believe that there would have been at least one other hurt individual if it weren’t for the courageous 10-month-old mastiff mix who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The mastiff, who is named Felony, received a shot to his front leg and was bleeding badly.

“The way I look at it is that dog put himself in front of his owner and took a bullet for him,” Officer David Lanteigne, who was at the crime scene, said at a press conference. After the shooting victim, Mizhari, was taken to the hospital in an ambulance, the officers rushed to take a look at Felony and his injuries. After realizing the dog needed medical treatment as well, officers took him and his owner to the Angell Animal Medical Center, where they were told Felony’s injuries needed a pricey surgery to treat.

Felony’s owner could not afford the initial $1, 545 medical bill to cover the treatment for the mastiff’s leg wound, and so the three officers – Sgt. Tommy Brooks and Officers Lanteigne, Brian Smith – decided to split the bill in three and pay for the brave dog. The officers were eager to help the dog and his owner, with Officer Lanteigne saying, “It’s just a natural human response to somebody in need, and to help them out with their family. Dogs are family.”

Officer Lanteigne and Felony after leaving the medical center. 

Officer Lanteigne himself understands the loyalty and braveness of dogs, as only three months ago he adopted a pit bull mix called Lilly to take care of his mother, who has suffered from alcoholism for most of her life. Lilly and Officer Lanteigne formed an unbreakable emotional bond, especially after Lilly saved Lanteigne’s mother after she was passed out unconscious in train tracks where a freight train was about to pass. The freight train’s driver said he noticed a dog desperately pulling away an unconscious woman, but wasn’t able to fully stop. Lanteigne’s mother was left unharmed, and Lilly thankfully survived with a broken pelvis and other bone fractures.

Dogs are undoubtedly a man’s best friend, and they have proven this time and time again through stories such as this one that highlight their devotion to their human families.