Toys For Smart Dogs


All dogs love a standard ball/rope/kong toy. They’re so fun, why wouldn’t they!? But there are other toys that encourage learning and intelligence in dogs that are super beneficial and fun!

  1. The Buster Activity Mat is a great way to keep your dog entertained with three activities. All you have to do is hide a treat inside each different section and let your dog do the work!

2. The Odin Puzzle Toy works by putting treats in the center and letting you dog figure out how to get them! Plus, it’s super sleek so it can be left out and look like a decoration.

3. Treat Maze is a great toy that will encourage a mental and physical workout. Your dog will try to get treats by spinning the toy.

4. The IQ Treat Ball allows for a changing difficulty level. This encourages dog to figure out how to release treats by moving around the ball.

5. The Tornado Treat Puzzle Dog Toy allows your dog to twist the layers in order to get to food or treats. It’s a great way to feed your dog and keep him mentally stimulated.