How to cope with losing a pet


While it’s easy to say to someone, “talk through it and take your time” it’s easier said than done. If you have been part of our #bullyfambam family you have seen the hardship of us losing some of our babies throughout the years. When we first lost Cal I was devastated. The next day I went into work with my eyes puffed up and bloodshot red. I had one coworker ask me if I had pink eye and then came the tears and babbled, “no my dog died”.

I had Princess, Daisy, and Gatsby with me but missed having my fourth Cal baby as I called him, with me. Days went by then weeks then months and started to think positive. Cal was sick and was in a better place now, I think they call it Doggy Heaven. All dogs go to heaven right?

Within the past year and a half, I lost Princess (on my 28th birthday) and lost Daisy a few months after that. The house seemed more and more empty when you’re used to be four piglets running around the house and then have one, Gatsby, which is my babyyyy. So, if you read the title thinking this article will give you exact steps on how to cope with losing a pet I will be frankly honest the steps are endless and you will feel better as day and day go by. The best thing to do is love your dog as much as you can and cherish every moment with them and take care of them as much as you can. Feel free to email me at if you lost a pet and just need to talk.

Author: Loly aka #bullyfambam Pupmamager