Keep Your Pooch Feeling Pampered: The Top 5 Subscription Boxes for Your Companion



BarkBox offers a unique experience for your dog every month! Each one of their monthly packages is themed, leaving your pup on the tips of their toepads waiting to see what comes next. Each of their boxes comes stuffed with 2 treats, 2 new toys, and 1 chew. Last month’s theme was “Chewrassic Bark,” an ode to the popular movie franchise Jurassic Park. The box included a few dinosaur stuffies, as well as lots of yummy dino-themed treats! The packages range from $29-$35 depending on which option you choose. The box takes into consideration your pup’s gender, size, breed, and allergies to create the perfect monthly surprise! What else could you need?

Bullymake Box

Is your pup a power-chewer? Does no toy stand a chance? Have you laughed in the face of a store’s return policy? I know I have. My puppy, Roscoe, tears through any toy. Frisbees, tennis balls, even Kongs didn’t stand a chance against his chompers. Until I came across BullyMake. They make some of the toughest dog toys I’ve ever seen. Each box comes packed each month with 3 or 4 snacks for your furry friend, as well as 2-3 tough chew toys. They’re so confident that your rough-and-tumble breed won’t break them, that they give a 14-day guarantee. Their boxes range from $31-$39, depending on the plan. Some of their themed boxes included a technology-themed box complete with a controller chew. Their St. Paddy’s box came with a horseshoe toy. And my personal favorite: the Thanksgiving pumpkin pie chew. Your pup could get a cheeseburger toy, or a peanut butter bar, but one thing’s for sure: they’ll be happy you got them a toy that lasts.

Dapper Dog Box

Sure, your dog is cute, but is he stylish? This box takes care of your pup’s fashion sense as each box comes complete with a stylish bandana! April’s “Pupchella” box featured two cute taco and cactus plushies, as well as some yummy treats. As always, a bandana was included, this one reversible for your dog’s inner diva. 2 toys and 2 treat bags are also included every month for between $25-$35 depending on the plan. With this box your Chihuahua becomes a CHIChuahua, your Irish Setter becomes a TRENDsetter, and your Schnauzer becomes Schnazzy.


Cuddle Crate, formerly known as Pet Pakz, is a different experience from the first 3 boxes as it has 3 levels to choose from. Their range of subscription options include the Bronze (4-5 goodies), Silver(6-8 goodies), or Gold(9+ goodies) crates. Cuddle Crate takes into account your pet’s size and type as they have dog options as well as crates customized for your other furry critters! Boxes are as low as $19 per month. It’s fun for the whole gang!

Pet Treater

With options for both dogs and cats, it’s clear that Pet Treater knows what pets love. Uniquely, they have “Treat Only” and “Toy Only” packages for your picky pet. Each box contains 3-4 items; these could be toys, treats, grooming tools, or accessories. They mix it up every month! Pet Treater takes into consideration your pet’s size and allergies in order to give you the most appropriate box for your pup. And this box doesn’t just benefit your buddies, but those in need as well! Every time you get your box, a dog in need gets a treat, toy, or blanket too! For $15 a month you could spread the joy!

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Dapper Dog

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Pet Treater