Tips for Traveling with your Pup


Traveling can be the a joyful memory in one’s life, but we often want to create those memories with the ones that we love, our pets. Instead of leaving our precious pups at home or at a doggy-daycare here are some tips to travel safely with your pets.

Traveling with your pet can be fun, but there are a variety of factors that have to be considered when choosing the option. There is research that has to be done before bringing your dog with on your travel.

Just like humans, proof of origin is required. Paperwork of the dogs, health and shots have to be accessible to prove that the dog is well to travel.

Some things to consider when travel is the location and the time of year. Not all dogs can go overseas. There are some places in Europe that require specific vaccinations. Some countries in Europe might require a chip or different form of identification.

We love to travel during the summer, but if their temperature is too hot that it might threaten the life you one’s dog that the airline might turn your pet away.

Dogs are a true joy, but not all breeds are allowed on airlines. Dogs with short-snouts that probable for breathing problems are being denied the options of flying. Pit bulls, Bulldogs, Chow Chow, Boxers and more, are example of dogs that are restricted to the plane.

When considering your travel airline of choice, your pet’s ticket has to be scheduled 14 days before departing.

When flying your dog, there comes an additional cost that should be considered. When choosing the right flight, each airline has own fees and regulations that are made for your pet.

For instance, when flying with United, JetBlue or Southwest, in-cabin transportation is the only option. The pet carrier must be an approved size that fits on the seat of the plane.

Other airlines such as American, Alaska, Delta and Frontier has the option of both in-cabin or cargo. The choice is honestly depends on how much money is a factor.

Traveling is fun, and it’s even more of a whimsical adventure if you can bring your along with you. The best way to make is that your adventure is fit for your dog is to call the airline and check off all specifications that need to be met.