How to Love Your Dog


Loving your dog is the easiest thing to, they adorable and the best to be around. Saying “I Love You” is one there are multiply ways to do it.

A very gentle way to demonstrate love is when your dog leans up against you. It shows that they trust you. It is the equivalent of a hug.

One way to express your love to your dog is through physical touch. Rubbing your dogs ears is the most sensitive part of their head. This gives your dogs an intense high on love. Hugging, cradling and cuddling are great forms of love in physical form.

Cuddling makes a dog feel safe and secure. Since dogs are pack animals they relate to the closeness of others. It shows a true vulnerability that dogs connect which is the ultimate sign of love. Have an open mind with other forms of love.

Talk to your dog, not giving commands, but rather an empathic doggy voice is how love spreads. Using a doggy voice is more is actually very comprehensive to a dog. The fully understand when you have a conversation with them.

When you talk to your dog remember like humans eye contact is respectful. Looking into your dogs is more powerful than talking. Going the extra mile and grazing into your pets eyes can have a huge impact. Its literally saying ” I love you.” to your pet.

Lastly, spending time with them is important. Simple walks, playing catch or teaching them new tricks is valued time that your dog gravitates too. This is also a great to keep your dog healthy which is a pure form off love.

Loving your dog is simple, it does not require fancy toys or expensive spa trips. Simple gestures go a long way and are the best ways to say ” I love you.”