Happy Valentine’s Day to all the Single Dog Parents out there


Being a single dog parent can be tough sometimes. You have to work your whole schedule around letting them out to use the bathroom and feeding time. You have to spend a large portion of your paycheck to cover their food, vet bills and general needs.

Being a single dog parent can be even tougher around a holiday built entirely on romantic love. You have to see other couples at the dog park holding hands and petting their golden retriever named Duke. You have to wait in line at the supermarket to buy dog treats behind a couple wearing “Furever Mr. & Mrs.” matching t-shirts. The good news is, as a dog parent, you have unconditional love waiting for you right at home.

Maybe this holiday you need to remember how completely not alone you are. Maybe this holiday you need to celebrate the paternal love between you and your pup. Trust me, sharing the bed with a dog is a lot more comfortable than sharing the bed with a significant other. They take up a lot less space (hard to believe, I know) and tend to be easier to grab the blankets back from. So maybe it is time you celebrate them. They’re your #1 Valentine every single day.

And when it comes to throwing your valentine the best non-romantic candlelight dinner, Chewy and BullyFamBam have your back. You don’t even have to wait in line behind a couple wearing “Furever Mr. & Mrs.” matching t-shirts.

Instead, you click the following link: https://www.chewy.com/brands/i-love-you-6915

Then you pick out 3 or more of the awesome I and Love and You products that Chewy.com offers, for 30% off.  We’re talking treats and meals for the best dinner date you could ever go on, for the low-low price of say, a Taco Bell.

If your pup has a sensitive diet and can’t go for a Lobster dinner, but would happily chow down on a prime rib, there is even a link for your date: https://www.chewy.com/s?query=vet%20diet&nav-submit-button=

Just make sure you enter the code VETDIET20 at checkout!

Then you wait for those amazing products to arrive in the mail, all the while scratching your sweet valentines’ ears and occasionally picking up their poop. When your treats have arrived it is time to celebrate. Maybe with those savings you can afford to take your cute date out for a doggy ice cream cone after dinner. Or a movie. The choice is now yours

Don’t forget this year that, while some other people are receiving chocolate, you’re creating a bond that will last your pet’s entire lifetime. You are most definitely not alone while you’re a dog parent. Happy Valentine’s Day!