How to be Productive During Quarantine for You and Your Pet


It could be very boring around the house right now and very hard to get motivated. It could probably feel the same way for all of the pets that are stuck in the house with you too. So, I was thinking about how to be “productive” and pass the time during the quarantine, while giving your dogs something to enjoy as well.

Here are some of my ideas:

  • Crafting a Toy

When you usually think of toys for your dog, you probably just think of waiting until the next time you go Target, PetSmart, or other stores that carries them. But, since we all are trying to avoid going outside as much as we possibly can, why not craft some toys at your home form stuff around the house? You could also pick up a few items while you’re out obviously.  Always make sure that whatever you use is safe and think about what would be fun for your dog and etc. I think the animal will appreciate it and you will feel like you accomplished something. Can’t go wrong with that win-win!


  • Scavenger Hunt


You know how much your dog loves to search and (possibly) destroy things that you don’t want it to, why not lay out some treats for him or her find, and then you can congratulate them how just how good they are throughout the day. This will be fun for them and you. Just imagine having their little tails wagging and smiling because they feel accomplished as hunters in the house. Also, I think could be a fun activity to have in a yard or on a lawn.


  • Reusing old clothes and etc.Kind of going back to my first idea, there are a lot of things around the house that you can use to keep your dogs active. Things like towels, blankets, and etc would make some great tug of war toys for the dogs. This could also help clear out a closet of old things that you really don’t use anymore. So, instead of throwing away, why not be creative with all of those clothes and etc that are taking space.
  • Gardening with your Dog

This could be a therapeutic tool for you and your dog. Getting some fresh air and being productive outside is something we really can’t take for granted right now. The planting of some fresh herbs, flowers, and etc has to be such a calming thing. Your dog will love the opportunity to dig along and “help” as you both are outside.

  • Or, relax with your dog

While it is great to be productive and active, many of us won’t get another chance to be at home with our families and pets all the time. Take this tie to just be home and enjoy yourself and your dog. Curl up with them on the couch or bed and binge watch a favorite show, enjoy a nice home-cooked meal or listen to some relaxing music with your puppy.


Whatever you do, have fun doing it, and have fun with your pets!


Until next time!