Men or Women (Who Do Dogs Prefer?)


I wonder if dogs can actually have a preference for who adopts them? I know that they are just grateful to have homes, but it really makes me wonder if they are more excited about living with a man or a woman?

Maybe dogs pick up different vibes when they are around different genders? Not to place labels, but I think that an animal might get a vibe that females are more nurturing than men? Or, maybe men are more playful than women to dogs? Lol, I think of these things because I really want a dog, but I really don’t consider every little that goes into getting a dog. I want to just be able to go to the pound and get three puppies or full-grown dogs lol.

my girlfriend is a different story as she sees the differences from taking care of cats and taking care of dogs. I didn’t realize how much easier cats are (even though they might be more annoying) but just from bathroom habits alone, cats might be easier. Also, as much as I like my free time and being left alone, I don’t think I will get that as much with multiple dogs in the house. But, I mean, it would definitely be worth it to me.

I would also be home all day with the dogs and I don’t know if I would be great at keeping their energy up and distributed throughout the day… I think that I could step up and be the source of entertainment for them lol. I have noticed different friends (female and male) who are just perfect with their dogs. I have to admit that females seem more loved by them…

Now that I think about it, I feel like this stems from me not being either the favorite or loved by the dogs. So weird, I’m not in a position to get one right now, but I’m acting as if I would be getting one next week lol. Maybe, it’s good that I feel this way, so when I do get one or three, I will be extra loving and attentive to them, or at least I hope so. I would want to give them the most love I can.

After realizing all of this, I looked up whether this was even something that other people thought about or studied (the male or female thing). I actually found some studies that apparently show the dogs being more calmer towards women than men. The dogs would bark and be more alert around men. The researchers took this as the dogs feeling the need to be more aggressive when men present. I would hate if my dig had to feel that way…

While it seems like a dog is more relaxed around women than men, I think I will have to spoil my future “Barkson Wentz” to the point that he just doesn’t even notice my girlfriend lol. That might be a mean approach, but I need to get the upper hand somehow lol.

I hope everyone is healthy and well!

Until next time!