Reasons Why You Should Get A Dog


So, we’ve all gone through tough times — emotionally, physically, mentally. We immediately run to our best friend, or a family member, in order to let our emotions and thoughts flow out. Sometimes those very same people don’t understand. They judge. They take the other person’s side. They don’t care.

    Dogs are the complete opposite. They will see you crying or stressed and immediately come try to cuddle with you. It’s an instinct for them. Dogs can sense your emotions, and they respond with the best reactions ever — cuddles, kisses, and a good ear. It’s so nice to be able to talk to dogs and not have them say anything back. Sounds weird, right? Sometimes that what we need the most.

    Imagine coming home from a stressful day at work. Coworkers were getting on your nerves, customer after customer was being extra difficult, and all you want to do is go home. When you get home, your beloved pup is waiting at the door for you when they hear your keys jingling to unlock it. You open then door and instantly are engulfed with lots and lots of love. To a dog, you are their entire world. They love you no matter what, and they want nothing more than to keep you at peace and make you happy. What better reasons to get a dog, right? 

    Still not convinced? Here are some more reasons on why you should get a dog

  1. Having a dog can actually help you maintain good health
    1. Dogs are huge lovers of running around and playing. They love taking walks too. Getting a dog will help you shed pounds and not even realize it. 
  2. Dogs protect you at all costs
    1. The world is dangerous, let’s face it. Just as dogs are the for you when you need emotional support, they are also around to keep the bad guys away. They are such noble creatures. I have come across so many stories where a dog was protecting their owner from a burglar.
    2. On a lighter note, on the popular social media outlets Instagram and Tiktok, couples make videos of the man trying to slightly touch their wife’s or girlfriend’s pregnant belly, and the dog starts growling. They know who they are, but they will not let anyone near their future baby brother or sister.
  3. Getting a dog, especially for your children, can help them gain skills
    1. Kids can learn to…
      1. Take care of a dog
      2. Develop caretaking skills that they can apply to dogs and people
      3. Be more social
      4. And more!
  4. They can help you emotionally
    1. Service dogs aren’t just for disabled individuals. They are also for people with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and many more mental illnesses. The simple presence of a dog can easily help negative thoughts and feeling subside. 
    2. When you are happy, they are happy. They want to keep you happy. 

    Was this blog post convincing enough for you to go the nearest shelter and adopt your very own pupper? I hope it was. Especially during these uncertain times, having a dog will help everyone get through it. Stay safe, and stay healthy!