What You Need to Know About Dog Sunscreen


If you live in any place where the sun shines, you have probably heard someone tell you to use sunscreen. However, did you know that some dogs need it just as much as you? Sunscreen helps prevent wrinkles, sunburn, and UV damage, which makes it an essential self-care item for both humans and dogs.

Which dogs need it?

In short, all of them. The American Kennel Club (AKC) says that any dog can get sunburned. However, hairless breeds like the Xoloitzcuintli and American Hairless Terrier need it more than other breeds. Also, any dog with light facial skin should use it, and it’s a good idea to put it on your dog’s underside, especially if they lay outside on their backs. When using sunscreen, put a small amount on your dog to make sure they aren’t allergic to the brand. When you find the right brand, it can be quite beneficial to your furry baby.

Benefits of pet sunscreen

Prevents sunburn

This one was expected. People get sunburns and sadly so dog dogs, Most of their bodies are covered in fur, but the hairless areas are vulnerable. This means that they can get the redness, peeling, pain, and maybe even scabbing that humans get from unprotected sun exposure. Also, the hairless breeds are more than doubly screwed since their whole bodies are exposed to UV rays. UV rays also have more risks.

Can lessen the likelihood of skin cancer

Skin cancer is a disease that both dogs and their owners get. Many things can cause skin cancer in dogs, and sun exposure is one. Sunscreen blocks UV rays which reduces your dog’s risk of cancer. Despite the benefits of taking sun precautions, there are some things you should know before smothering your dog with SPF.

Be aware of some things

Allergen potential

Some dogs are allergic to skincare ingredients, so be careful if your dog has sensitive skin. Opt for hypoallergenic products to be safe. Even if sunscreen is okay on your dog, there are risks if the sunblock finds its way into your dog’s body, particularly if they eat it or lick it off themselves or you (Why they do that, we have no idea, ever put sunscreen on your hands and then eat an apple after you held it with your sunscreen hand? It’s terrible).

Ingestion risks

If your dog eats sunscreen, they could be in trouble. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) warns consumers that dogs who eat sunscreen can throw up blood and form gastric ulcerations. The salicylates found in the sunscreen could cause gastrointestinal issues and seizures too, while the zinc may cause regurgitation. The ASPCA also cautions buyers with dogs who chew plastic, since plastic is not fully digestible and that could hurt coming out if you catch our drift.

In short, both you and your doggo should be wearing sunscreen. It preserves your skin’s health and elasticity and protects you two from burns and diseases. For the best advice about what kind of skincare for your furry family, please talk to your veterinarian about the best sunblock options for your dog. #bullyfambam http://www.bullyfambam.store