Puppy Facts 101


Hi everyone,

I thought that I would share some more dog facts that I found, but this time, I thought about including some facts I found about puppies! I mean, who doesn’t want to hear about puppies! I personally didn’t think that there was that much to learn about puppies because I figured that they just play around, yap in your ear all day, lol. But, there are some pretty interesting things to learn about, when it comes to puppies.

The first thing that I learned about was the fact that they don’t actually have any sense of hearing until they are about three weeks old. Then, from the time they fully learn how to hear, they can already hear better than humans.  It was proven that their hearing is about four times better than our just as puppies. This is why they are so sensitive to loud noises, they hear so well, that it can be frightening and damaging to their ears. So, try to avoid bringing them to events or situations where there could be loud and sudden noises. It really isn’t good for them.

Puppies (well, dogs in general) are also great smellers too. The way they smell is miles ahead of how we do as humans. Their noses are advanced, mostly, because they have way more receptors (cells that respond to certain things in the body) than we do. When we use our noses, we are trying to smell and breathe at the same time. But, dogs can actually do this separately, and it helps them do identify certain smells faster and easier than we do.

This one was one of the weirdest ones that I found. Apparently, a dog’s nose print is basically like a human fingerprint. A dog’s nose print is a big way that people can track their dogs. They are unique to every dog, so that’s means each dog has a one of a kind nose print. There are even apps coming out to help out all of the lost dogs in the world. The pictures would be placed in a database and would be used to help identify lost dogs.

I hope that my facts were entertaining!

I also hope that all of you out there are safe and healthy. There is really a lot going on out in the world right now and it can be a bit much for some of us. Try to remember to be kind and calm. Mental health days with your pets could be very vital right, so please, take advantage! Wishing you all the best!

Until next time!

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