Things People Who Grew Up With Big Dogs Do


Big dogs are awesome; they’re great at protecting people and can handle big hugs. Large breeds create different dog owner experiences like the struggle of a huge dog pulling their leash or hearing their deep scary barks when you come home. Growing up with only large breeds affects how you see smaller puppies.

Pick up any dog within their lifting ability

Big dog owners can’t always lift their dog, so when a little guy comes along, we have to get that experience. The last time a large breed owner could pick up their dog was when they were a puppy. When you pick up up a grown big dog, they can’t be in your arms for long, and that’s assuming they want to be picked up. If the ones who don’t want to be lifted get lifted, they whip around which makes them hard to lift even if they aren’t all that heavy. Trust us, we know from years of experience. Little dogs are cute and cuddly, which is are big dog traits too, but big dogs can be harder to cuddle. If a big boy doesn’t want to snuggle, they walk away. However, a small dog can’t always escape your arms, and sometime they won’t jump onto the ground to escape your love. Something about being able to pick up your dog is great. Big dogs are wonderful, but sometimes they’re hard to control.

Get amazed at how easy it is to walk a small dog

Small dogs are so easy to walk, especially if you’ve spent your whole life walking big dogs. If small breeds pull, it doesn’t hurt your wrist, your arm’s not in a constant state of flexing when taking them somewhere, and if they pull you have a much smaller chance of falling. Oh plus big dogs sometimes randomly stop in the middle of a walk which pulls back the owner. If small dogs do that it’s less startling. Walking two small dogs is easier than one big one. Also, you can pick up the little dog if they get tired or too hyperactive. All size dog breeds rule, but they have drawbacks too.

Cringe at the high-pitched barking

Big dog barking has a deep and menacing sound that scares away attackers. Little dogs have the exact opposite. Small dogs bark is also referred to as “yipping,” because it’s so shrill. If you’re not used to tiny dog barking, it has a higher likelihood of shattering your eardrums. It may still shatter your eardrums even if you’ve spent your whole life with little guys. As annoying as the small barking is, it won’t scare anyone away. If it does, they’ll leave because they’re annoyed and not afraid, but this scenario is highly unlikely.

Small dogs are truly a novelty to those who aren’t used to them. The benefits of the little guys outweigh the cons and they are worth any struggles. Despite their furry flaws, great dogs come in all shapes and sizes.