10 Dog Breeds Under 10 Pounds


We love all dogs big and small but today we’re focusing on the small ones. That’s right, we’re talking about some of the world’s smallest breeds today. If you’re looking to get a dog that can easily be picked up, this is the list for you.

  1. Yorkshire terrier

These little guys weigh up to a teeny tiny seven pounds. They come in blue/gold black/tan, blue/gold, black/gold, and blue/tan. Yorkies are a well-known breed, so is itty bitty dog number two.

  1. Chihuahua

Y’all saw this cute breed coming! Chee wees weigh around six-pound tops, anything more is too heavy for the breed. Ever see an obese chihuahua? It’s not the prettiest sight. The next breed can get away with a couple of extra pounds than the beloved chihuahua

  1. Pomeranian

The AKC says these guys weight three to seven pounds. At least one pound has to be fur, do you see this fluff? These guys have the most boopable noses in the world, but the next breed also has cute snoots.

  1. Maltese

This is another popular breed that weighs in at six to eight pounds. We’ll bet you’ve seen at least a few of these in your life. These cotton balls are hypoallergenic too. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for other itty bitty boys.

  1. Papillons

Look at those long-haired pointy ears! Too adorable. These are seven to nine pounds and can be picked up their whole life. This breed is underrated, and so is the next doggy.

  1. Miniature Pinschers

These guys are eight to ten pounds, and very little of that is fur. This short hair is no trouble to groom and tell us that you don’t want to give this tiny fur baby some scritches. However, we say that about every dog breed.

  1. Toy poodle

Poodles are great and come in more than one size. This one weighs around six to nine pounds and is hypoallergenic. Poodles won’t make you sneezy unless you’re allergic to love. Hypoallergenic dogs are great, but not everyone needs that accommodation.

  1. Affenpinscher

Full disclosure: the higher end of average is thirteen pounds but the low end is six. These babies could easily be under ten pounds and even if they go a little over ten pounds. Even thirteen is still light enough for picking up.

  1. Brussels Griffon

These cutie pies weigh eight to ten pounds. This lesser-known breed can last up to fifteen years and are an underrated breed. The same goes for the last breed on our list.

  1. Toy American Eskimo Dogs

The average weight for these little snowballs is ten pounds. In ten pounds you get precious pointy ears, fluffy fur, and a curly snail tail. This is what we like to call the total package.

These dogs are proof that good things come in small packages. Also, they can fit in small packages and purses. Even though these breeds’ bodies are small, their love is big.