Dog Sitter or Dog Resort?


When COVID is over, many people will want to make plans for vacations, and part of those plans is what to do about your dogs. Unfortunately, not all dogs like planes, and not all hotels or Air Bnbs allow dogs. If you can’t bring your fur baby, you want to leave them in good hands, which can be found in a pet resort or through a dog sitter.

Pet Resorts (also called pet hotel/doggy daycare/dog boarding service)

Like a regular resort, a pet resort allows your dog to stay overnight. The workers there feed, exercise, and monitor your pets. The resort may have additional services, like training, swimming classes, and grooming. These extras are only some of the upsides of a dog resort. 

Pros of pet resorts

Work with trained employees

The employees at a pet resort are trained to handle dogs, and some of them may even be trainers. They can perform health checks, give medication, and even train. Training isn’t the only service that a pet hotel can give your dog.

Extra services

Pet hotels offer many services, such as play time with other dogs to socialize your pupper, grooming, and swimming sessions. These are just a few examples of what pet hotels can do for you.

Don’t have someone be in your home without you

You leave your dog in a place full of rules and regulations when you chose a resort. The hotel’s employees are trained to handle your dog with care and outside of your home. You don’t have to have someone you don’t know in the house. 

Cons of pet resorts

Small kennel spaces

Unfortunately, only dogs that get along with other dogs get to be in cage-free facilities. If your dog isn’t good with other dogs, they have less time to run around.

Possibility of fighting with other dogs

Even if your dog is taken out by themselves, they could still cross paths with another dog being taken out for playtime and get into a fight. If your dog stays at home, this is not a risk.

Pros of a dog sitter

Could be someone you know

You could potentially ask a friend or family member to do it for you. Better yet, they may do it for free. 

Minimize contact with other dogs

This is beneficial if your dog doesn’t like other dogs. This way your dog doesn’t get into any fights so no puppy dogs get hurt. However, 


Could potentially be a stranger 

If no one you know is willing to watch your dog, you may have to hire someone you don’t know. This could be problematic, especially if you’re letting them be in your home. Giving a stranger your address can be risky and letting them in your home allows them to be near your valuables.

May not be as well-trained

A sitter is usually an independent contractor that could be anyone. They may have no formal or informal animal experience. Although not all dog sitters do it, it is easy to lie on internet profiles. 

Dog hotels and sitters have their benefits and drawbacks. If you want your dog to be with trained professionals and receive potential spa treatments, go with a hotel. If you are okay with forgoing extra treatments and saving money on dog watching services, pick a sitter.

Which one do you use? Hotel or sitter? Let us know!