Are You Smothering Your Dog?


Hello everyone, hope you all are doing well.

How close are you to your dog and do you think that you can actually smother your dog? I have seen a lot of owners with their dogs and it seems like almost all of them smother their dogs, lol. It looks to be the norm, that if you have a dog, you are getting another “family member”. Dogs themselves are very loving, they live to help us better almost, so most of them do not mind the closeness of their owners. So, I’m wondering, when does the loving become too much? I wanted to share some scenarios…

Whenever you leave the house, are you always taking your dog with you? Maybe you shouldn’t. Some studies show that dogs might be more comfortable at home, than going out to run errands with you. They view it as their quiet time and enjoy it very much. While they love you unconditionally, they too also like their private time.  We also have to keep in mind that they love to sleep over ten hours a day, so we don’t want to disturb their sleep schedules. But, some dogs love it, so who knows. I guess it depends on your particular dog and the routine you guys get each other on.

Another thing that could be considered bad is waiting on them, hand and foot. It’s hard to not treat them like the little prince and princesses they are, but it could also be detrimental to their needs for stimulation. When you take certain stimulation away from them, you tend to hamper their decision-making skills. That could be detrimental to their intelligence. So, maybe not bring everything to them. They have fun searching for things and it’s in their nature to search for their food. A change of pace could be instead of filling up their bowls every day, maybe go out and buy some toys where you can fill them with food. This way, they can hunt, and reward themselves by finding it. Almost, hunting and gathering in a sense.  Treats could also be added to the fun too. Instead of just giving them treats, try to teach them some new tricks, and reward them with treats. Keep their minds fresh.

Do you always walk the same places when you take your dog for walks? While for us (as humans) creating and following a particular path every day is fine, but for the dogs can be boring. They love the sense of adventure, the scents, and discovering new places. Hikes and different routes around the neighborhood can help to have fun on their walks. It could also help you to see new places in your community and maybe even meet friends for you and your dog.


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