Reasons Why Your Dog Licks You


If you have a dog and a heart, chances are you’ve given your dog someform of affection. Whether you give your dog pets, kisses, or cuddles, they may gives you some affection in return. Some of that affection may be in the form of licking. We all think of dog licks as kisses, but in reality they’re so much more. 

1. You taste good

Human skin has salt on it that likely comes from sweat. Animal Planet says that dogs like the taste of salt. Sometimes they may even like the taste of your skin products like sunscreen or lotion. Be careful when they lick your product-covered skin, there are ingredients in them that your dog shouldn’t consume. As a dog owner, this fact is quite disappointing. Here I was thinking that dogs always did it out of love and affection, but no they just want my minerals. Dogs also use licking to fulfill their needs from both you and other dogs too.

2. They’re hungry

They may be trying to eat your sweat salt, and the American Kennel Club (AKC) says that puppies lick their mother to get them to throw up. After they vomit, the puppies eat what the mother produces. Owners don’t feed dogs through their bodily functions, but they still associate you with food, so the licking is an attempt to be fed. Licking satisfies a dog’s physical needs and also their emotional needs.

3. They want attention

And they will likely get it! Who can say no to dog kisses (Even though they may not technically be kisses)? Blue Cross for Dogs says that your dog may be slobbering on you to get noticed. They probably want your scritches and pets, and how could you say no? No one at Bullyfambam can deny their request. Dogs may give licks to get affection, but they also do it to give affection.

4. They do it out of love

Ingleside Animal Hospital confirms our favorite reason! When licking is combined with tail wagging, jumps, and butt wiggles, the dog is telling you that they’re happy to see you. The kisses also mean that you’re important to your pupper. The affectionate behavior also releases endorphins which relaxes your dog, which is sweet but sometimes a problem.

5. They do it because they’re nervous

The AKC also says that dogs lick people to relieve anxiety, especially if your dog does it excessively. It’s a self-soothing or stimulatory behavior that allows them to feel at ease or release extra energy. This also applies when dogs keep licking themselves or household items. If the behavior keeps happening, it is best to take them to a trainer or the vet. 

Dogs are wonderful pets that are unlike any other. They also give affection unlike any other species, but sometimes their affectionate behavior isn’t always out of love. Sometimes it for reasons that benefit them in the form of relaxation or food. No matter what dogs lick for, they always look cute while doing it. #bullyfambam @bullyfambam