SpringTime for You and Your Dog


Hello everyone! If you’re like me, you are ready for the sun and warm weather to come back.  I bet the doggo’s are looking forward to the warmer weather too. Especially, after all of the snow and cold (at least where I’m at) I know that you dog owners must be looking forward to the days that being outside is more enjoyable (at least in my opinion).  As nice as the snow and winter have been, I think that humans and dogs alike are ready for the warmth, sun, and longer days.

The springtime brings along a lot of sun and fun for people, it does the same for your dog’s too.  Instead of you just sending the dog out quickly into the backyard for potty time, rushing through it during a walk, you might even want to spend more time outside with your dog on certain days. Springtime brings about new scents for your dogs and maybe a bunch of new flowers for you to look at. Just some of the best times of the year and you should try to take full advantage of them.

For those real outdoorsy people and those who are trying to be outdoorsy, try hiking this year. A lot of dog owners tell me that hikes are very fun for both dogs and dog owners. Going out on an adventure into the woods with your dog will let them have the time of their lives. They can find sticks and other things to collect and (annoy you) bring home. They can also eat a bunch of grass and roll around in it too. But, keep an eye out for ticks, fleas, and other bugs that can be harmful to them. I’ve actually read that apparently tick’s don’t like the taste of garlic, so if you feed them garlic (with the help and advice of a vet) it could be a great way to keep ticks and other bugs away from them too.

Another time with your dog that could be fun in the springtime is Easter. Usually, when you think of maybe church, kids, and family. But, you might not think of including your dog. While the kids are doing Easter egg hunts, you can do the same for your dog or dogs. Layout some treats across the lawn for the dog/dogs and watch them have fun hunting them down and enjoying them.  You might even want to hard boil some eggs for them too. Including them in the family’s festivities would be sure to make them and the kids happy that day.

I hope that these suggestions find you well and are helpful. Until next time!

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