Reasons To Buy A Terrier


Terriers are scruffy little pups.

Growing up, I had a poodle-terrier mix and a terrier mixed with something we never quite figured out. 

Because of this, I am a little biased, but I believe the terrier breed is one of the best there is. 

Here are a few reasons:

They Are Loyal

The terrier group comes from a background of hunting, so these dogs are used to sticking together when needed. This means your terrier mix will be your companion for a long time. 

They Live A Long Time

Due to their small stature, terriers are more likely to live longer than bigger dogs. This means they will be in your life for 10-15 years!

They Are Good Guard Dogs

At first glance, these dogs might not seem like the dogs you would want defending you or your house. However, the terrier breed comes from a background of hunting, so they have bravery in their genes. If there is a robbery or an intruder, the terrier mix breed will not be afraid to stand up to defend you. Though they may be small, their shrill bark is often a great defense mechanism. Their teeth are typically pretty sharp, so they can bite the feet and ankles of anyone attempting to harm you. 

They Are Small 

Having a big dog IS fun, however there are benefits to having a small dog. They are easier to take in cars for car-rides and road trips, they take up less space in a house or an apartment, and they are easier to bathe due to their size. It is fun to have your dog cuddle up with you on the couch and not completely crush your entire body. Small dogs are more likely to be given access in stores too (and if you are not given access, they are easier to hide). 

They Are Energetic

Like humans, dogs need about thirty minutes to an hour of exercise a day. Most likely, terriers will want more than that because they have a lot of energy in their small bodies. Terriers are perfect dogs to take on any outdoor adventure, like the beach, the park, or a hike. It is possible rough terrain might be a struggle for some terriers though, so make sure to choose your outdoor activities wisely. 

They Work Well With Others

As dogs typically hunt in groups, terrier mixes understand how to engage with other human beings and other dogs. They are social dogs, so they will welcome any playtime with another dog or with another human. 

If you are thinking of buying a terrier, hopefully this list helps you figure out whether or not you want to buy one.

Do your research whether a terrier is the right dog for you as they do require attention, as any dog does.

Terriers are truly great dogs for any age. They work well with kids and adults. They are sweet and will keep you company in good times and times of hardship. 

If you do get one, you will gain a friend and a loyal companion.