How To Keep Your Dog Entertained Without You


Becoming a dog owner is a full time responsibility.

However, as an adult, sadly we have other responsibilities.

Whether you have a full time job, children, or both, sometimes you cannot always give your dog your time.

It is important to have ideas to keep your dog from getting bored and from staying out of trouble when you cannot give them your full attention. 

Here are a few ideas:

Get Your Dog a Friend

As dogs are social animals, they like to play with other dogs. Getting your dog another playmate is a good way to keep them busy without you having to look after them. The two dogs can feed off each other’s energy and entertain themselves. However, do not get a new dog to “fix” your current dog’s behavior. If you dog has any type of fear, aggression, or depression, the American Kennel Club says, “Work on your dog’s behavior issues first, and then decide if you still want to add to your pack.” 

Turn on the Television

Obviously, watching television is not the best choice to keep your dog buys, but sometimes it is necessary to keep them from getting into mischief. Contrasting to primary beliefs, dogs can see television screens. Even though your dog might not have the capabilities to understand the plot of a television show, your dog does enjoy the different sounds from the television. Turning on a show for your dog will help them feel as if there are people around and can keep them amused.

Buy Long Lasting Chew Toys

Chewing is extremely beneficial to dogs for jaw and teeth health. Certain types of chew toys, such as dogwood and rubber bones, scrape plaque off dogs gums, which can prevent tooth pain and tooth decay. It can also prevent bad breath. Other chew toys, such as rawhides exercise a dog’s jaw to ensure it stays strong. Whichever type of chew toy you give your dog, the chewing will keep them focused for at least a little while.

Take Them Outside

This tip works best if you have access to a backyard where you can let your dog run and play outside while you take care of other responsibilities. However, if you do not have access to a backyard, you can take your dog to a dog park and let them play while you pay bills, return emails, or even just relax on your phone while scrolling through social media.  

Doggy Play Date

Even though we love our dogs and always want them around, there are times where it is necessary to not have the dog in the house. If you really need to get work done and need your dog to be out of your house, you can always take your dog to their friend’s house. This will help ensure you get all of the work done you need and it will let your dog have some social time with their friends.  

Dogs are amazing to have around!

But, as we cannot give them our full attention, hopefully these ways help keep them entertained!

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