A Dog’s Stream of Consciousness


Dog Gym Thoughts

I hate the going for a walk in my dog-gym, but I actually kind of love it, it just takes me about half in an hour to actually start to enjoy the walk, or at least it feels like half an hour after all of the walking in and saying hello to the receptionist, being careful not to say “you too” after she says to have a good workout and then walking to the locker room to watch my human put an old sweatshirt, just as rough as the workout is about to be, and keys that scream “New York” ,even though this is not New Work and will never be New York no matter how much I wish it, away into a locker that I don’t actually have a lock for and contemplating for about five minutes why she has not bought a lock for both of our belongings, probably because the lock will not matter if I do not want to put the jacket, with its roughness and memories, away in the locker,then finally putting my jacket with its pockets filled with moments of grief, happiness and despair, in the locker (without a lock) and walking up the stairs, which always feels like a a pre-workout, yet never enough to make the workout itself seem easier and making sure to avoid the old tooth-picked legged lady who makes everything wonder how she even got up the stairs in the first place, all the while trying to also avoid eye-contact with the sweaty AP brunette from high school and finally seeing the end in sight, there it is, the thing that I have been waiting for, the thing that I came here for, the object that can make me completely hate life, with all of its ups and downs, but also make me feel like I can fly, and that’s why I keep coming back, that is why we all keep coming back, treadmill.

Things A Dog Loves 

A white flower that has just bloomed

Chocolate ice cream in the summer

Green grass

A duck with 5 ducklings walking in a line

Iced coffee in the afternoon

Lavender in a candle

Best friends

Work friends

Swimming underwater

Riding a red bike really fast

Reading a bible verse

Leaving school on a Friday

Robins chirping outside your window

Barking German profanities in the car

Trying to hold your giant human like an infant

Sitting outside 

Tap dancing in your room

Watching detective shows with your human

A white flower that has just bloomed

I am a dog

Love Like A Dog

I won’t love you like a human does

I won’t ever write you a poem

Or throw rocks at your window

I’ll never stand outside with a stereo

Blasting your favorite song

I won’t chase you through an airport

Trying to find you

I don’t want to fight with you 

And then kiss in the pouring rain

I’ll wouldn’t ever burst into your office

Professing my feelings 

I don’t plan on telling you your quirks

Just to show you how cute you are

But I’ll nudge you 

When you’re wrong

I’ll watch a movie

And cuddle with you

I’ll let you cry

Into my fur

I will hug you, 

And almost scratch you in my excitement

I will eat your hamburger

From your plate

 I will bark at you

When you come home

I’ll cry when you leave

Because I want to go with you

I won’t love you like a human does

I will love you like a dog.

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