How to Choose the Best Leash and Collar for Your Dog


How many times have you went into the pet store and thought “What type of leash and collar would be best for my dog?”, multiple times right? This decision is very important because we, as dog owners, have to find leashes and collars that are comfortable yet suiting to our pets. It wouldn’t make sense if a little Scottish Terrier had a thick chain type leash and a loose collar nor would it make sense if a German Shepherd had a thin spaghetti type leash with a small collar, either it would be uncomfortable and hurt your dog or it would be easy to break. That’s why when going into a pet store to search for leashes and collars, the top things to consider are:

  • The level of comfort the leash and collar has on your dog
  • The price of the leash and collar
  • The type of leash and collar you want
  • The type of dog you have
  • And the size of the leash and collar

All of these things are important when making a decision in the leash and collar department for your dog. If you find the perfect leash and collar for your dog but the price may be an issue, just search around on the internet because there are a variety of affordable yet protective leashes and collars. For pet owners who have dogs with breathing problems, a harness is a great alternative to a collar. When it all comes down to it, we want our dogs to be just as comfortable as we are.  At the end of day just like Roger A. Caras said, “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” Happy Dog Days everyone!!!