How to Choose The Best Dog for You



“Ooh dad I want a puppy!”. This line has been repeated for generations. Growing up as kids, we always thought about what type of dog we wanted, what the name would be and everything else so when we finally got one, we loved it with all our hearts and the dog practically became a part of the family. Now as an adult, choosing a dog companion has never been easier, even though our views of what we wanted in a pet changed since our childhood. For example, as a child, we might have wanted an energetic dog but now we might want a pet that’s more suited to our personalities. When choosing a pet, the main things to consider are:

  • Allergies (because you might be allergic)
  • The size of dog you want
  • The personality you want your dog to have
  • How much of a people person the dog is
  • If having a dog can fit into your schedule
  • And if you want the dog to be trained or not

Choosing a cuddly companion can be a simple yet complex process but once you find that dog that fits you, everything else will seem to fall into place. There are other aspects when choosing a pet. You could choose to adopt your pet or go to a local dog shelter or even look online. There multiple ways of finding and selecting your perfect dog companion. You will love being a dog owner. Your pet will be excited to see you every time you come home and miss you every time you leave. They are truly mans best friend. Good luck and I hope that you choose a dog that best fits you! Happy Dog Days Everyone!


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